Biotek, the solution for hydrocarbons


Biotek is an innovative product created through years of extensive studies and tests.

Biotek has an ideal formula, which interacts with all types of petroleum-based fuels. Biotek increases engine performance, reduces gas emissions (NOX, CO2 and HC), cleans the entire fuel system, eliminates microorganisms (biocide)

Energy economy

BIOTEK, mixed with fuel, increases the energy released in combustion, making it more complete, and therefore increases the efficiency of the engine.

Pollution reduction

The lower the unburned losses, the lower the losses due to the heating of the gases generated by poor combustion.

Cost reduction

The use of BIOTEK reduces, in the short and long term, the maintenance of tanks, engines, and combustion chambers.


Energy economy


BIOTEK, mixed with fuel, increases the energy released in combustion, making it more complete, and therefore increases the efficiency of the engine.

The increase in combustion energy directly affects energy savings. It is proven that during combustion part of the produced heat is lost which is associated with the products of the combustion.

These losses can be grouped in two types:

  • Unburned losses (Qi) : Corresponds to the energy value of combustion products which have not been completely oxidized.
  • Enthalpy of combustion products(Qhs) : Corresponds to the heat released for heating of gases to the temperature at which they evaporate, since the heat they emit is no longer recovered

Pollution reduction


The lower the unburned losses (Qi) and the lower the losses due to the heating of the gases generated by poor combustion (Qhs), the higher the combustion efficiency.

The consequences of such loss reduction are as follows:

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Cost reduction


The use of BIOTEK reduces, in the short and long term, the maintenance of tanks, engines, and combustion chambers, and in general, all the physical elements that are part of the fuel systems and devices in which combustion occurs.

The improved combustion ensures that the usual waste in the chambers is reduced significantly. It is not only that their appearance is prevented, but BIOTEK also contributes to the gradual elimination of the existing ones.

It is also improves the elimination of waste in the after-burning zones, preventing their encrustation.

Dissolves hydrogen and oxygen particles, thus avoiding moisture problems in the fuel.

Prevents soot crusts formation, increasing the rate of heat transfer in the tubes.

Prevents hard slag formation in chambers and refractors resulting from the mixture of residues with metal sulphides

Dissolves paraffins and sludge that accompany fuels.

Prevents fuel crystallization and freezing.

Prevents incrustations and cracks and crazing formation.


Up to 10% economy


Up to 12% economy



Up to 15% economy

Administrative Buildings And Infrastructure 

Up to 15% economy

Railway Transport 

Up to 12% economy


Up to 15% economy

Oil Stations 

Up to 8% economy


Up to 14% economy


BIOTEK is an organic chemical compound, produced synthetically, which contains, for the most part, different alcohols.

BIOTEK is the result of many years of studies and tests, which have resulted in the ideal formula which interacts with all types of petroleum-based fuels.

BIOTEK increases the engine performance, which is mainly based on the incorporation of oxygen into the fuel. The increase in oxygen itself leads to better combustion, but in addition this combustion is favoured by a finer nebulization of the fuel with smaller particles, due to the high pressure of the operating distribution systems.

One of the main components of BIOTEK contributes to the increasing cetane rating of gas oils by facilitating the ignition of the fuel and thanks to its hydro-oxygenated contribution allows a complete deflagration preventing the loss of energy produced by the heating of smoke and waste gases, taking the best out of every particle of the fuel.

The main chemical compound acts as an inter-cooler by lowering the temperature in the intake system as a thermo-regulatory compound. Likewise, because it is a simple, hydro-oxygenated alcohol, it provides the fuel with the basic elements of combustion (hydrogen and oxygen).

BIOTEK also incorporates isopropanol 2 ol, another element intended to increase the power, insofar as this compound has the capacity to eliminate water molecules which reduce fuel efficiency, thus increasing the yield in the combustion chamber and preventing corrosion of various metallic materials and alkaline deposits in the pistons.

The main cause for poor combustion is the lack of oxygen compared to the injected fuel. The ideal ratio in diesel engines for stoichiometric, i.e. perfect combustion is 14.5 grams of air per gram of fuel.

There are many factors that interrupt this process, including dirty injectors and poor fuel quality or dirt.

BIOTEK enables the incorporation of oxygen into the fuel which along with the oxygen in the air in the atmosphere contribute to the oxidation of the fuel mass in its entirety, thus reducing unburned residues, NOx, CO2 and HC gases.

Isopropyl alcohol is one of the compounds used in BIOTEK formula and it is intended to clean the distribution system. This cleaning is carried out by dissolution not in an abrasive manner, because the peculiarity of this compound is that it makes it possible to clean almost without residues by performing a quality cleaning without damage to the systems.

As a side effect of the optimization of combustion, we must point out that the formation of crusts (the famous “carbon deposits”) is prevented in the seats of the exhaust valves, turbochargers, gas recirculation systems, etc.

The cleanliness of the storage systems is also favoured by the incorporation of these alcohols and is due to their great capacity for dissolving paraffins and sludge, which prevents them from interfering with the injection systems, causing failure of the high and low pressure pumps thus effecting the durability of the various filtering installations.

Another advantage of BIOTEK is the anti-turbidity power of the fuel, which is caused by low temperatures and by the incorporation of fats or oils in the fuel, which offer low freezing resistance at low temperatures and prevent the correct operation of the distribution systems.

Thanks to our formula, BIOTEK is ideal for fuels with high fat or oil content, such as BIOCARBURANT (BIODIESEL), because the dissolving power of BIOTEK prevents the fatty acids to solidify these bio-fuels.

BIOTEK also offers a neutral PH which helps stabilize the acidity of these new bio-fuels, being of particular interest for protecting the components of distribution systems by preventing the breakdown of filters, seals, etc.


The composition of BIOTEK based on alcohols makes it the perfect bactericide, because it is capable of eliminating the most persistent micro organisms, preventing their re-emergence and, thanks to its high dissolving power as we mentioned earlier, dissolving them without trace. It is only in the massive presence of these formations that it is necessary to carry out a shock treatment to eliminate them.

BIOTEK CLEAN makes it possible to clean the tanks of all impurities which have stagnated inside. These impurities are destroyed by the alcohol in BIOTEK CLEAN and are dissolved when the engine is started, that is to say during combustion.

Our advantages in summary :

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